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It’s no secret that the education workforce is struggling: urgent wellbeing pain for our staff and leaders; a crisis of supply compounded by high teacher turnover. Underlying this urgent challenge, schools have not kept place as contemporary workplaces. Workforce strategy—essential to district and school reform—is slow, expensive, and relies on niche expertise.

PeopleBench can help.

We believe that all schools—no matter where or how well resourced—deserve access to world leading, evidence-informed thinking about how to respond to the workforce crisis.

  • PeopleBench is democratising workforce strategy, helping district and school leaders to:
  • Address the urgent wellbeing crisis by measuring, monitoring, and managing workforce resilience
  • Respond to the fundamental problems that challenge wellbeing, through creating an evidence-informed workforce strategy
Staff wellbeing and Workforce Strategy diagram

Workforce Resilience Tracker.

The Workforce Resilience Tracker addresses the immediate challenge of teacher wellbeing.

With PeopleBench on your desktop, you won’t waste time or money on one-size-fits-all wellbeing solutions. You’ll have the insights you need to create an evidence-informed plan that will make a difference for your staff, and ultimately, the students in their classrooms.

Resilience Tracker dashboard
Play Video about Resilience Tracker dashboard
  • Quick (5 min) online [email protected] staff survey
  • Mobile optimized
  • De-identified, private & confidential
  • Measures seven key resilience factors backed by research
  • Leader dashboard across the whole school
  • Know which groups of staff need help (and what type of help they need)
  • Act, measure progress, adjust

Workforce Strategy Builder.

The Workforce Strategy Builder makes planning for the success of your workforce easy, simple and rewarding.

It streamlines the process of building a strategy to address your school’s unique workforce priorities.

Play Video
  • Build a workforce strategy document in less than an hour per school

  • Walk through an easy-to-use wizard to answer questions about your unique context

  • Draw on decades of consulting expertise & up to date research to select from pre-populated templates to build your strategy

  • Create & share a document that uses your school colors, logo, Superintendent/Principal’s headshot

  • Engage your leadership team, parents or school administration in your improvement journey

Who is PeopleBench for?

School leaders.

Principals, Assistant Principals, and other school leaders can access the tools and insights they need to make a difference, now,  to teacher wellbeing.

District leaders.

Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, and other district leaders can access the tools and expertise they need to enact reform.

We are PeopleBench.

PeopleBench is a school workforce improvement company. We help education leaders make their schools great places to work so they can be great places to learn. Our online platform provides school and district leaders with the tools to take an evidence-informed approach to workforce strategy in order to maximise their impact on student outcomes.

See for yourself.

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