PeopleBench helps Boards, Principals and Systems to lead the best teaching workforces in the world.

Why School Workforce Analytics?

Increasingly, smart industries are realising the power of workforce data and its potential to inform good decision making and forecast the future, allowing leaders to proactively, rather than reactively, address emerging trends.

In our experience, the education sector is among the best in the country at collecting and storing operational and performance data, but the potential of this data for improving school performance has yet to be realised. We believe that the Education sector has an enormous opportunity to harness the power of its data to create value for schools, their leaders and staff, and ultimately their students and communities, and we want to help.

We believe that the opportunities for insight and transformation in the Education sector will ultimately come through collaboration between individuals and organisations who can successfully combine their diverse expertise to produce genuinely new solutions to old challenges.

At PeopleBench we have developed all of our research, and the design of our benchmarking platform, through collaboration with other likeminded leaders in Education — all of whom wish to see learners everywhere, in every school, thrive.

Our Collaborators