State of the Sector

The PeopleBench State of the Sector Survey is now open.

PeopleBench is excited to launch the inaugural State of the Sector USA to explore the greatest opportunities and challenges facing the school workforce in US K-12 schools.

To thank you for completing the survey, you will receive:

A free download our Future of Education white paper

Complimentary membership to our Community of Practice

An early release copy of our State of the Sector USA report following completion

The survey.

The survey is designed to capture your thoughts about the challenges and priorities you’re working on now and those you anticipate to emerge in the future. Participation is confidential (data will only be analysed on aggregate and no individuals or schools will be identified in our reporting) and should take approximately 15 minutes.

If you are willing to share the survey link with other principals and school leaders in your network, we’d be grateful for your support.

Help us build the picture so we can help the sector make schools better places to learn & to work.

Intuition + Data =

Better decisions.

Better decisions =

Better school workforces.

Better school workforces =

Better student outcomes.

We know that leading a school workforce can be complex.

At PeopleBench, we are committed to making this part of your role easier. Our inaugural State of the Sector USA survey is open now and we are calling for the input of K-12 Principals and school leaders across the United States as we explore how to create the strongest school workforces in support of the best possible outcomes for students.

The State of the Sector helps us understand the workforce factors education leaders are most concerned and excited about when it comes to making schools high impact for students—and how we can make them great places to work. The State of the Sector USA survey touches on questions about everything from leadership to payroll, culture to capability, and everything in between.

Who are PeopleBench?

PeopleBench is a K-12 school workforce improvement company – through our research, tools and resources and benchmarking data we help schools to Build Better Schools Workforces. 

Over the last few years we’ve been working with schools across Australia to help answer the big question:

What makes schools excellent places to work – places where we can achieve fantastic outcomes for both staff and students?

Now, we’re excited to be exploring that same question with the incredible schools across North America – hoping to make a positive difference on both sides of the globe.

Each year we conduct pro-bono research into the issues that matter most to school leaders when it comes to their workforces and we’re seeking the perspectives of US educators on this topic, via our inaugural US survey.

PeopleBench has been exploring and sharing insights on what makes a high impact teaching workforce for years.


If you have any questions about the survey or PeopleBench, please contact our team.

This is a research initiative of the PeopleBench team.

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