The time to take action on school workforce wellbeing is now.

Proactively supporting teachers and school staff positions them to be the best for their students.

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Resilience for Educators.

Our Resilience for Educators resource has quick tips to boost resilience in times of challenge and change. PeopleBench has the workforce tools and resources, backed by research, to make a difference in your school.

Track school workforce resilience. Take action from the inside, now.

Academic rigour.

The PeopleBench resilience survey is based on the Resili[email protected] scale (McEwen 2011): a psychometric scale that is rigorous, yet practical and easy to use. This scale is backed by a growing base of data from a range of industries from Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and beyond and allows you to compare your workforce resilience to ‘the average working person’.

Real-world application.

The PeopleBench platform has been built for schools with the input of schools. The resilience survey is short and anonymous and can be completed on mobile or desktop. The dashboard gives school leaders insights into workforce resilience trends over time and compares groups within the school so you can see which groups are doing well—and in what aspects of their resilience—and which groups are facing the most challenges—and where their areas of greatest need are.

Action focused.

Measuring school workforce resilience comes with responsibility to your most valuable resource—your staff. Once your school is capturing and tracking resilience on the PeopleBench platform, the Resilience Dashboard provides insights and resources you need to make a plan to maintain your strengths and boost the areas that you need to develop.

Together, we can transform education by building better, more resilient school workforces for the benefit of our students.

PeopleBench has developed the school workforce tools and resources, backed by research, to make a difference to resilience at the individual, team, and school levels.

"Resilient school workforces are better able to weather the inevitable storms of change and challenge. They also improve their capacity to build resilience in their students. PeopleBench’s technology and resources combine academic rigour with real-world pragmatism to improve individual, team, and school-wide workforce resilience."

Dr Vicki Cameron

Chief Education Officer


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